Friday, March 19, 2010

A Day Away from the Computer AND the baby

This is going to be a different day. No school for grades K-8 and Dominyk for the first time in his life (he's almost 14) had a friend spend the night. The friend is a lot like him, and they have done well. I will take him home, head to the doctor to have the thickness of my blood checked, and then move up toward the metro area to meet a friend for lunch that I have known since 7th grade. yippee!

After that I have a three hour meeting and will drive back home.

No time for working at the computer AND no time to hold that baby. I tell you what, she is so cute right now. Making all kinds of eye contact and noises, I could just sit and talk to her for hours. I promise that tonight I'll take pictures.

Salinda so far is being very mature in her response to this move. She had two friends over last night who both have babies under 6 months old and it was fun to see them all interacting. We're just going to have to take one step at a time. She is such a good mom. That baby is getting so much nurture and is so securely attached and Salinda did not have a drop of alcohol during her pregnancy. Knowing about FASD and growing up with some of her brothers really sent that message home. I've had a long talk with John's girlfriend about the same thing.

I'm off..... if something unbearably exciting happens, I can always blog from my phone.


J. said...

It is great to hear that Salinda is doing so well, it's always hard to come after having lived some where else.

Linda B said...

Let us know how your blood test goes! No privacy here, huh?