Friday, March 05, 2010

I KNEW it. And I'm laughing.

This morning when I woke up I knew Salinda wasn't moving home today. I knew SOMETHING would come up, I just didn't know what. I knew that all our work to have things ready for tonight was going to result in her not being here. It's Murphy's law, right?

Things went as planned for most of the day. By 10 we had decided I would come get her at 4, though she wasn't sure she'd be packed by then and thought it was too early (but I wanted to be home in time for supper). By noon she had called asking me to come at 3 because she had made plans with a friend and needed to get home and get settled. "It isn't going to take me THAT long to pack" she said. (Aren't teens fun??)

I was intending to leave at 1:45. At 12:40 I get this text: "I guess they are taking Gabby to Texas." I had no idea what that meant, but I called to clarify and made it clear that Gabby was too young to be separated from her mom even for a few days and that either Salinda needed to go along to see his family in Texas or Gabby shouldn't go. By 2:20 she had decided to go ahead and go to Texas but mentioned that they might stop by to get her prom dress. When I texted back acting a bit confused, she called me.

When she called I had to laugh at her. She needed a nice dress apparently and it's the only one she has and it's here. But it's a longer trip than she has ever been on. She really has no idea just how long. I just know that I drove to South Texas from Bartlesville, Oklahoma once and I thought I'd never get here. And she is 9 hours from Bartlesville where she is now. I encouraged her to enjoy herself, but I couldn't stop laughing and she finally just said, "I think I'm going to hang up now." But I think she was understanding why I was laughing.

In our family a trip like that would have required 3 months of preparation .... apparently not so there. Part of it is cultural and I'm very accustomed to it, but it is still a bit of a shock to her I think.

So I guess we have a few more days to get things completely ready. They are supposed to be home on Tuesday or something like that. But her biggest concern was that she had plans with a friend tonight and was almost packed to move, so she really didn't want to go to Texas. But she's going. And I love her.

And I'm not going to get baby time this weekend. :-(

Oh well. At least I've gotten to the point where I can expect the unexpected and go with the flow.

I'm still laughing.


GB's Mom said...

Teach me, please!

Jennie said...

do you think she has plans to return from texas or is this her opportunity to run?

Little Wonder said...

I had the same thoughts as jennie

and then from working many in the hispanic culture from a previous job in southern MN, i know that many times, the man in the family has the final say and i am praying for salinda and your gandbaby.