Monday, March 22, 2010

It's Not My Fault it's HERS

I have asked my children before, "When I start talking to you about something that you haven't done that you were supposed to do and haven't done, why is the first name out of your mouth another sibling?" They are always eager to remind me of who hasn't done what they are supposed to do.

Well, I didn't go to the Y this morning. But really, it's Kari's fault. I mean really. I'm used to going with her now and so going alone, like I used to all the time -- just cant' do it. Smile.

At least I'm an adult and realize that I could have gone alone. But it sure is fun to blame someone else.

Another five minutes and it will be time to wake up the kids. For some reason I was sleeping quite soundly when my alarm went off, having a complex dream that I can no longer remember, and I'm feeling quite out of it. Hopefully I"ll have time to blog more later.

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