Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Just Because You're Smart Doesn't Mean You Can Do Everything

So I'm totally screwed because I'm smart and thus I always think I don't have to hire ANYTHING out or pay ANYONE to do ANYTHING because well, I should just be able to do it because well... have I mentioned I'm smart?

So our Third Degree Parenting company has bookkeeping issues that any bookkeeper or accountant could handle in their rippin sleep. But do I pay our accountant (who I dearly love) to handle it in her sleep? NO, I convince myself I can handle it.

And I've been working on it since noon and I"m more confused than when I started.

Grant it, you shouldn't really wait until March of 2010 to organize all of your finances for 2009, but hey, I figured it would all just fall together. But we have things we have reimbursed ourselves for, things we haven't, other expenses that we need to figure out, and well, just a lot of things to organize, and I'm lost.

Because I hate details. I hate numbers. And I hate math. And those of you who are sitting there thinking that you don't know why I should be having such a hard time are the ones who like details, numbers and math.

But I'll figure it out. Remember, I'm smart. Just not smart enough (or rich enough) to hire someone.

(This post was intended to be somewhat funny. In case you couldn't hear my tone.)

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MamaKate said...

Time is money, girl!