Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Best Mother's Day So Far

My decision to not deal with Salinda’s infractions yesterday was a very good one. Because even though several children chose to be a little crabby and non-participatory, some of the other children were very loving and kind. Here are some highlights;

Tony and Leon couldn’t be more different if they tried. Tony talks 24/7, Leon is softspoken. Tony is on the extreme end of defiant, Leon is cooperative 99% of the time. Tony is attention seeking, Leon likes to slip into the background. And they shopped for Mother’s Day cards at different times of the day and I believe in different stores. And they picked the same card. It was fun teasing Leon about how it was because he and Tony are so much alike. The difference: Leon printed the words “I love you” on the envelope in small print. Dang, I love that kid.

Sadie was perplexed as to what to get me now that chocolate and other snacks aren’t a good gift. She did find a couple packages of pens, which, for me is a good gift. And she got the perfect card as when it was opened it sang, “My Girl”, the song that I always sang to she and Salinda when they were little. It isn’t important that the whole card was written to “My daughter”. Smile.

Wilson announced that he had just picked a “Random Card” and giggled when I read it outloud and it said that the card was to celebrate an AMAZING woman.

Bart got me what I had requested -- a Nalgene water bottle and a head band. I know, not exactly what you’d expect. Oh, and I asked for a new Wii controller as some of ours have gotten broken and I figured having more than one controller would improve my sanity.

Kyle called after the celebration. I mentioned to him that some of the other kids had even gotten me cards and gifts this year. I teased him that all I was getting was “free night and weekend minutes.” And he retorted, “Yes. But I’m using my free night and weekend minutes to express my undying love for you.” “I’ll take that,” I responded. Considering he spent the first 4 years with us hating my guts, and the next four barely tolerating me, remembering to call was a pretty big accomplishment.

Bart brought me a card from John when they went to visit him that said this:

It’s been a long nine years, Mom, but I hope you have a good day. I wish I could be there to tell you Happy Mother’s Day, but here’s a poem made all by me. I love you mother, you’ve helped me the whole way.

You were the one that brought me into your house,
you were the one that fed me,
You were the one that clothed me,
You were the one that also taught me good and bad.
But, I went down the wrong road.
Now, I am recovering from the bad road.
And I want to say I’m sorry for what I did, Mom.
Also, the picture you and I have doesn’t mean very much, but the memories will last forever.
So, I’m going to make your memories of me the best.

True talk,

Love you Mom!

We also took a trip to the YMCA together, which you can read about here.

We rented a movie and a couple games. Sadie and I watched most of the movie, but I didn’t choose a very good one so we will finish it tonight.

But there was minimal conflict, I was able to stop myself from saying anything to Salinda to rile her up, and we made it through the day.

Now I have to face today. But that’s OK. I’m feeling quite good at the moment and hope I can tackle it all with self-control and maturity. (yeah, right).

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Marge said...

Years ago I received a poem from one of my boys that was very similar to the one John wrote you. In fact, I believe I've gotten several poems like that, written by the same kid, each time after yet another rough time, each time sincere, each time with promises for the future......yet these poems kept coming quite regularly. Now I just get a phone call telling me he's going to shape up. I love that kid! Glad you had a good day yesterday. I did too.