Saturday, May 24, 2008

Sleeping Triple in a King Size Bed

I had a minor lapse in judgment yesterday and suggested that maybe Bart, Dominyk and I could share a bed. I didn’t sleep well at all. Neither did Bart. Neither of us wanted to be in the middle, so Dominyk was and it was a long night. I had a hard time deciding which of the following I liked best:

        ❑        When he kneed me in the stomach
        ❑        When his tonail nearly sliced my calf
        ❑        When he insisted on lying on top of the covers
        ❑        When he elbowed me in the shoulder
        ❑        When he poked me directly in the eye
        ❑        When he reached over and placed his entire forearm across my face
        ❑        When he got up to go to the bathroom and then came back to the bed in a daze and said, “Now Mom, what am I supposed to do? I think Dad wants me to do something. I think it has something to do with sleeping.”

Oh wait, I know now what it was.

It’s when he was able to exactly position himself under my nostrils and blow his bad breath straight up them. Yeah, that was it. That was my favorite part.

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