Saturday, May 24, 2008

The Pool

After the zoo we took the scenic ride back to the hotel. The entire time Dominyk was perseverating (nice word for obsessing like am maniac) on the pool and how he couldn't wait to get there. I told him he would be bored after 15 minutes. We got to the hotel and had some complications (Bart had taken some of the kids out for supper and they had both keys to the other room). So in the midst of trying to get a new key from the desk, Dominyk was begging incessantly to get in the pool. To the point of me nearly snapping.

Well, i was wrong. It was only 12 minutes in the pool until he started begging to go back to the room. I made him wait a half hour, and he spent at least half of that hour begging to go back to the room. When And when he did he watched started a movie that is going to cost HIM $13.99 (after we pay for it today of course).

This morning he is obsessing about needing to begin shaving because he is going through puberty. Sigh. I'm NOT going to let him shave.

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