Sunday, May 18, 2008

Dominykisms on Steroids

We just returned from the soccer game. Surprisingly, six kids decided to go with me and we met Bart and two others at the game. That means that 8 of the 9 kids were all together with us in the same place and one of them included Salinda! She was actually appropriate and almost nice most of the day. I’m still in shock.

Dominyk and I took two walks tonight, one before supper and one after supper. During the walk and at other times tonight he was so himself. He had found a pocket knife that he had lost and so he was obsessed with using it on everything. He carved sticks, and bars of soap, and crayons, and dandelions, and a tennis ball ... and when he started to slice open the pop can I had to put an end to it. Here are some snippets of conversation from tonight involving the knife and other things.

As we started the walk, he grabbed a dandelion and cut it off at the base with the knife. I had recently heard some story about dandelions and was frantically searching for the details in my mind in order to provide a teaching moment for my son when he decided to “suffocate” the dandelion with the scissor portion of his pocket knife. I was unable to get a word in edgewise as he began his mantra “ooh, look, Mom. I’m killing it. I’m suffocating the dandelion. Look at it droop. I’m mutilating it. Look at it now. I’m destroying it. It’s dying now mom, look.” Educational moment .... gone .... replaced by the demise of a dandelion: Death by Dominyk.


We were sitting to eat at subway an someone mentioned a role playing game that I have recently quit playing. It involves avatars. I explained to Dominyk that I had quit playing the game and would not be playing it again. “i cancelled the accounts. Killed off both of them. They’re dead.” A little confused he asked, “Do you think they had a funeral?”


After much work he finally cut through the dirty tennis ball he found and stuck his nose deep into it. He sniffed and sniffed. He said “it smells like.... uh (sniff, sniff, sniff) ... uh ..... (sniffing deeper) ..... ummmmmm..... (sniffing even deeper) poop! Wanna smell it?”


Dominyk and I had this conversation. “Mom, my thumb is bleeding.”
“I told you you needed to be careful with that pocket knife.”
“I am being careful.”
“Dominyk, if you’re thumb is bleeding, you’re not being careful!”

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