Monday, February 09, 2009

The Brief Start of a Good Morning

I made myself get up and go to the Y! Yes, I was there by 5:20 home by 6:20 and feeling great. Until I discovered Tony up early and in the shower -- of course taking all the hot water. And to make matters worse, my lukewarm shower turned ice cold when Jimmy got up earlier than he was supposed to as well and ended up in the upstairs shower....

If I try to get them up it doesn't even happen. Sigh.

And somehow laundry got messed up this weekend so I don't have any of the pants I like. You know what I mean, dontcha? There are certain pairs of pants you just don't want to wear. And I have them on.

And I already had a day ahead that I wasn't looking forward to. Driving to a surgery follow up appointment with Salinda, followed by a home visit and then doing dinner alone, followed by boy scout council. Sigh. And I'll cram desk work in there whenever I can.

But I did go to the Y! :-)


Corrine said...

YEAH for the Y!!!
You can't have everything they say....

Angela :-) said...

Yay for you! And, yes I totally know what you mean about the pants you don't want to wear. And, it's especially worse when you have to wear them on a busy day.

Angela :-)