Monday, February 02, 2009

A not so difficult night

Other than the 17 interruptions by well meaning and cheery nurses calling Salinda everything BUT her name (my personal favorite -- Sorlindo) and asking her DOB and then reminding her that she was a Christmas baby.....

it was a good night. I surprisingly fell back asleep after every interruption until the very happy morning nurse at 6:30. Salinda slept fairly well and is still asleep. She needed help going to the bathroom three or four times (all that saline being pumped through her) but otherwise we both slept.

Her breakfast is here waiting for her to get up. Mine is nowhere to be found, but I can handle not eating for a while.

We really appreciate the way people have helped out during this minor upheaval in our lives.

And with Wi-Fi I can sit here and work until she is discharged, so I really can't complain. Bart is the one who should be whining. He did mornings all week alone last week and it was finally my turn and here I am in the quiet hospiital room while he's driving everyone to school.

If I sigh contentedly right now would that make me a selfish old bitty?


cloudmaster said...

Just tell Bart his getting 2 weeks in a row is because of the difference between Neanderthal and Cro-Magnon

HollyMag said...

cloudmaster GREAT comment!

I remember when I had my appendix out in 1982 (MAN was that a long time ago) in the middle of the night they happy blood gal came in to draw blood. She lays her box of tools, on my stomach!! Thankfully, I wasn't in a lot of pain or anything, I just said quite nicely, "I had my appendix out yesterday could you take that off my stomach." She was VERY quick to move her box and apologizes over and over.

Happy to hear Salinda is doing well.