Thursday, February 19, 2009

Random Thoughts (somehow connected maybe)

How many people have a friend that they would look forward to seeing at 5 a.m. six days a week? Kari and I came back from the Y and I realized that I look forward to seeing her every morning and that I always will. Grateful for her and her family's friendship.

Except that Mike really needs to come put the other back in if he's not going to tile the bathroom. Because going with one shower is bad enough (although showering at the Y has become a wonderful luxurious experience), but going with one toilet has several boys standing around holding their crotches in the morning. "I just KNOW i'm going to get a bladder infection" Dominyk chanted nonstop yesterday. And since I've already had 32 ounces of water this morning, I'm going to be standing there with them.

And I have one other friend in town that I miss who I would love to see every morning at 5 but I doubt she'll get up. Miss you, Sue! We gotta get together!

I bought Dominyk a Do It Yourself Diary of a Wimpy Kid book and in there he had to draw his dream house. I will not mention here that two of the rooms are the "sex room" and the "Stripper room" because he is a pastor's child, but he assured us that it would be sex with his wife and the place for her to strip for him, not just any woman. But the highlight of the house is the "Hall of Pop." He describes it as place where there are huge posters of pop and when you pull them back there is a pop machine behind it with free pop all the time. And his butler would make sure that every machine was full all the time. We pointed out that maybe, since he showers 3 times a day and would be drinking a lot of pop, that he really shouldn't have overlooked the bathroom. He drew one in after that.

Wilson's Rock Band for the Wii had a guitar that was not functioning. When we had to take it in and exchange it he said, "But my entire musical career is recorded on that game." The name of his band, that he came up with himself, is "The Willies."

Today I am determined to spend most of the day at home. Salinda needs my help with her Spanish class. Now if it were Sadie, I could turn the day into a party -- we could play Spanish music, even wear sombreros, and go out for Mexican food and have a bawl. However, with Salinda, especially if she's in THAT mood, i'll be lucky if she cracks a smile and any suggestion of something creative or fun would result in such eye rolling that her eyes would be stuck in back of her head. I just might try it though -- depending on how bad her mood is and how much emotional energy I have.

I am going to try to break a record of the number of home studies sent out in one day today. I have a couple families that have requested that I send some, and I am going to do so. So, in the midst of getting the van fixed, doing two weeks of Spanish with Salinda (about 28 assignments) getting kids off to school, etc., anyone have a guess as to how many home studies I can send out in a day? That will motivate me like nothing else. (And no, I'm not going to cheat and just make it match the person I like the best -- I'll get as many done as I can.

I know, I'm weird. But normal is boring.

As my brothers used to sing when we were teenagers, "Being the same is not cool, if being different is you...."


Torina said...

Dominyk's house sounds HILARIOUS! I am sitting at work trying not to snort out loud!

20 homestudies. Go! Go! Go! Go! You can email them right? In that case...150 ha ha ha ha ha

junebug said...

My heart is sad without you in it. I miss you too! day, soon...