Wednesday, February 11, 2009

More Conversations with Jimmy

To follow up on our conversation yesterday, Jimmy said, "Hey mom. I took a test today. You know that D-?"

Yes, Jimmy.

Well today I think it is going to go down to a C.

Jimmy, your grade would go UP to a C from a D- not down.

So, I don't want my grades to go down?


Later he says, "MOm. They put this new glass in the window, but they say it isn't glass, it's plastic so it doesn't break. Can I punch it really hard to see if they are telling the truth?"

No, Jimmy, you can't. How dumb are you (I ask jokingly)?

His eyes, twinkling, he says, "Now THAT is a very good question."


Gotta Run! said...

Matt: Mom, how come we never eat at that Mexican place anymore?

Andrew: MATT! That's really rude! It's called a Hispanic restaurant.

Me: Actually, the food there hails from the country of Mexico, so it's perfectly fine to call it Mexican food.

Andrew: Oh yeah, then why don't we say someone speaks Mexican?

Me: Because the language's orgins come from Spain. Hence, the langauge is Spanish. Just like English hails from England.

Andrew: Wait a minute, they used it in England FIRST?

Julie said...

[Can I punch it really hard to see if they are telling the truth?"]

You know that tag on furniture that says "fire resistant?" The back of one of my chairs has a small area that is melted.

You're lucky that the discussion was had...