Friday, February 06, 2009

I don't want birthday cake ...I want the playboy bunny belt buckle!!!

We went ahead and tried to have birthday cake tonight. But right before that, Dominyk had found Mike's playboy bunny belt buckle that Tony had stolen out of my desk. He didn't let me see it before asking if he could earn money to buy it and I thought it was a different belt buckle, so i agreed.

Until I saw it and then told him that no, he could not have it, which began an obsessive meltdown.

Tony had picked out his own candles for his cake and chosen the trick ones that don't blow out. I know, Weird. So while it was taking forever for him to not blow out the trick candles, Dominyk kept repeating, "I don't want cake -- i want the playboy belt buckle" over an over again.

Only at the Fletchers. I mean seriously..

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