Saturday, February 07, 2009

Drama Morning

I decided to take Dominyk with me to the wrestling match this morning and it was really not a good idea. He lasted all of 45 minutes before he began his 90 minute chant of how bored he was and how much he wanted to have something to eat and how he needed to leave. Can I have a pretzel? Nachos? A pop? Come on, a pop? I'm bored, can we go home? What if I walk home? Can I have a pop?

In the meantime Salinda was texting me that she was going to leave her boyfriends and going to a friend's I don't know without my permission. They were arguing. I texted her and texted her trying to convince her ot do the right thing, which eventually she did.

But between texts, "why can't i have a pretzel? Can I have a pop? I want to go! I'm bored." It was nuts

I nearly went insane... and I kept telling him that as soon as we finally did leave, that he would be bored once we got to the restaurant. Well, that was an understatement. We got there and he was chanting that he wanted the food to come. He finally decided he had to go to the bathroom. The food came while he was gone and then he took forever in the bathroom. When he finally came out we were almost done eating, but he wolfed his food down in two or three minutes and then started to whine that he wanted to go home. We finally came home and within 10 minutes he was bored to death. Oh well. A day with Dominyk.

One of the cutest things ever happened at the restaurant Wilson had his little wallet out and the waiter handed him the bill. His eyes got so big.....and he said, "i'm not the one." We all laughed. An elderly couple next to us got a real kick out of how cute he was.

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