Friday, February 06, 2009

Why Oh Why Did I Do it?

I should never have said anything about a reprieve. Last night was horrible though it wasn't something we can't handle. It was just a long night.

It was Tony's 14th birthday and that sent him into an odd combination of aggressive bullying and pathetic weeping. I was late getting home from a meeting about John that was annoying at best and so wasn't home for supper. Apparently there had been a huge blow up by Wilson that was supposedly incited by Sadie making us all feel bad that Tony's birthday had been "ruined." Later we discovered that Tony was actually the guilty party and Sadie had been falsely accused, so we felt less guilty when he "ruined" his own birthday.

WE decided to go for a do-over and we're going to try and have the cake tonight.

I was going to give you all the details of the whole night, but I'm just too tired to go through them. Highlights included Jimmy having In School Suspension yesterday, me hearing of some of John's mistakes lately, the whole Wilson/Sadie/Tony fiasco, Dominyk pushing Tony out of the way because it he didn't CARE that it was Tony's birthday, he was in there first for supper so he should get served first, Dominyk insisting I play the longest game in history of Uno Attack in the midst of all the drama, and the decision by 5 of the boys that they needed to move the furniture at 9:45 p.m. They had put it off all night (we bought some used couches) and so they were out screaming at full volume at each other as they attempted to drag the old heavy furniture outside (after unsuccessfully dragging it halfway down the stairs and getting it stuck). So they drug it through the snow yelling at the top of their lungs. The night ended by us discovering that Tony had broken into my desk to take a package addressed to me out, open it, find the IPod that Jimmy had had confiscated at school, and give it back to Jimmy.

And mind you, those were the HIGHLIGHTS. I'm leaving a lot out.

Next time I believe I will simply not type anything about the kids being good and knocking on wood and all that. It doesn't work anyway.


Gary Zimmerli said...

:-) I'm sorry for laughing, Claudia, but sometimes your family has the most interesting days! It's all the more interesting since I can picture them all and know some of their personalities pretty well.

Rose Adoption Journey said...

Im laughing and crying because it sounds like my house minus a few kids!! WOW! It is like they know when we compliment them...cant handle it.

We told Jason that his teachers told him he had a good day today and within an hour he had sabotaged the compliment. Had to send him to bed early!