Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Forcing myself

I have GOT to get back at it in regards to exercise so I'm forcing myself to go to the Y after I drop the kids off at school today. I'm frustrated with the amount of time it takes out of my schedule when I go after I take the kids, but i usually have more energy for the rest fo the day. This Cindy and I are both very competitive and we're having an exercise challenge that hasn't started so well. But today I intent to kick her butt.

Salinda is recovering fine apparently. She was in a great deal of pain yesterday morning but by last night she seemed to be feeling better. I'm hoping she's going to be able to do a little school today but I know better than to push it or she'll push back. So in my mind she's out for several days and I think she'll surprise me. I did mention to her that a miraculous recovery on Friday with a request to go out of town wasn't going to fly if no school got done this week.

I had a long day yesterday, but by the end of the day was feeling good at having the visits done. Today is a day filled with paperwork -- at least the hours I'm not in support group or at the Y. What does that leave me, 2? OK, OK, so I'm getting negative again. I just wish I had the fortitude to go at 5 when it's this cold. That seemed to work so much better for me. Maybe I'll make myself do that tomorrow....

I had lunch with one of my blog readers yesterday (Hi, L!) and it reminded me that sometimes I'm just such a pathetic blogger. Especially in comparison to a few years ago. I guess when there is little drama here I don't have much motivation to blog. But no, I'm NOT begging for drama.

Guess boring blogs aren't bad.

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Kathyb1960 said...

I'm glad Salinda is doing better. It's hard to go through something like that.