Thursday, February 12, 2009

Quotes from the Ride Home and Soon After

I picked up Dominyk. Last night he had had a major meltdown because Bart took Wilson to the store. He said it wasn't fair.

So today he asked me if I would take him somewhere and I responded that it wouldn't be fair because I had taken him on Tuesday and I hadn't taken any of the other kids anywhere lately. He screamed and cried.

I said, "Maybe if you stop talking about how things aren't fair for a week, I will stop trying to make everything fair."

To which he responded, "I have to go for a whole week saying that's not fair????? Nooooo! That's not FAIR!"


Tony was swearing and I mentioned that if he wasn't careful he was going to owe me a dollar for swearing. He said, "Hell isn't a swear word if you're talking about a real place like you do in church. Mom, you are going to HELL. YOU are going to HELL. A place."

I responded with some wise crack that made Dominyk laugh and Tony said, "Shut up Dominyk. You're going to hell too. A place."


When we returned home Tony, very agitated, came stomping in the house and threatened to kill me. I headed for the phone asking if I needed to call 911. He said no, that he wasn't going to kill me.

he followed me to the bedroom and asked this question, " If you knew we had problems when you adopted us, why do you think it's OK to call the police if we threaten to kill you?"

Do I live in a warped world or what?


Monica said...

I'm sorry but I laughed out loud at Tony's last line (well, really a snort-laugh, kind of a snorf). Just like things kids say at my house. Warped indeed.

Mom of 7 said...

I laughed, too, at the whole thing! Dominyk and Tony are perfect examples of why God blessed foster and adoptive Mothers with a great sense of humor! Thanks for sharing that, Claudia.

Donna said...

I always appreciate your blogs - Zach used the you know I have issues statement and therefore shouldn't be made to do his chores just the other day -actually attempts to use it often.

After you reading your blogs I always feel alittle less alone .....

marythemom said...

I love your blog. It makes me feel slightly more normal. I especially had to laugh at Dominyk's "That's not fair" comment because I haven't heard that phrase in almost 2 years!

In our house we have a form of discipline called the FAIR Club. Basically life is not fair, especially in a family - and you wouldn't really want it to be. In the FAIR Club, life IS fair - and my kids hate it! Using the word fair is the fastest way to get in the FAIR Club - hence my not having heard it in 2 years! *grin*

If you want to read about the FAIR Club I wrote a series of articles about it on
My kids think I'm the meanest mom in the world because I tell lots of parents about the FAIR club! LOL!

Mom to 2 special needs teenagers we adopted last year and 2 biokids. Ages 10, 12, 13 and 15.

Other Mother said...

Tony's "if you knew we had problems . . ." statement made me laugh out loud. Warped is what we live, also, and what we consider a good day others would consider a disaster.

Your blog has been a comfort to me during some recent difficult times. It helps so much to know we're not alone, and others are surviving, even coping and laughing. Thanks.