Wednesday, February 04, 2009

mercedes essay

Probably having some paragraphs would have been good, but it's not my job to grade her. ;-)

She emailed it to us after writing it at school today.

My Parents are my heroes because they get through the hardest things ever. Our family is not a normal family. Our family is a big family we have 14 people in our family. Its not easy living in a large family sometimes its gets kaidic. even though there are so many people in my family that there will always be room and lots of love for me and everyone in my family. My Parents are the best they always do the right thing even when it’s hard to. They always give us 100% at whatever we do they will always love us forgive us no matter what we do. Well my Parents are a little bit of everything they always give money to our church they give people food shelter if they need it for a few days even if it’s a motel or anything they do that. They help anyone and everyone who asks for help. My Parents are the best they are really smart they are always telling us things that we don’t want to know that we do. My mother is a spiciest as an adopted worker. She helps kids find homes. She works two jobs both part time but are really full time she works from home so she can take care of us kids 24/7.My father is a pastor full time he goes to work everyday. He also helps with stuff with my mom adoption things. My dad is a really great pastor he helps a lot of people out he is a consular to people to. My parents go on business trips together mainly for adoption things how they work and how they work out there problems they speak everywhere in New York in California really anywhere u name it and they probly have been there really on bussines. My parents wrote a book on us kids about adopting all 12 of us kids that’s coming out soon. I said that our family is not a normal family. There are only two girls me and my sister the rest are boys .We have all been adopted all of us my parents didn’t want any of there own kids they have always wanted a large family. But after all of us living in this family were there kids and were proud to be there kids. Yes we do ask about our birth family and they always tell us what they know about them. It’s hard to live in a large family my parents always get through each and everyday even when it’s a hard thing to do. My parents try to give us everything we want most of the time we do get it. Other times it doesn’t matter to us because we already have a lot of stuff. They don’t get mad really easy only really when someone pushes there buttons then they get mad. They are strong they are always there when we need them there for us even if its something small there still there for whatever. If were feeling sick or if were in a painful situation or something that’s just nagging at us. They always know what to do no matter what. They talk to us when were down they make our favorite food when were down they always try to do there best for us. They know exactly what to do about our problems or whatever I know and we know that we can always count on them. My parents don’t exclude anyone they make everything far they don’t love anyone more they all love us the same. I told you that my parents are my heroes they will always be my heroes to me I will always love them they thought me so much and they are just the best I know that no matter what happens I will always have a home a loving family to come home to. My Parents are my heros I love them.


Ferjenib said...

This post made me smile. I loved the sentence regarding your position as a spiciest adopted worker. My 10 year old foster son thinks that I play Wii all day and eat potato chips on his bed while he is at school because I go to work after he goes to school! Thanks for sharing.

HollyMag said...

This is awesome! Remember this when she's being a pill. She does realize the what you guys do for her.

My favorite line tho, "My mother is a spiciest as an adopted worker."

Blessings to you both!

Torina said...

Warms your heart, doesn't it. :) Very nice that she is noticing all those things you do!