Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Five Minutes to Go

Yesterday was just a long stupid day. Dominyk was obsessing about everything for hours and I couldnt' get a thing done. Tony had to go on three long walks because he would NOT stop bothering people -- especially Bart and I We were trying to have a conversation and he was determined not to let us have it.

The day ended with us having Mike and Kari over for pizza, which turned into quite the comedy of errors. At 5:15 all the sudden we had no pop. Rand gave the $50.00 Dominoes check to the Pagliai's guy who only brought one pizza so we had to track that down. The pizzas came early. Rand forgot that Wilson was at the Y and when I went to pick him up he wasn't ready AND his little friend needed a ride home. I sat down, 30 minutes late, to pizza that was quite cold by that point.

Oh well, we had fun. And then this morning Kari joined me at the Y at 5:15. Fun times.

Now I'm heading to the coffee shop and two psychiatric appointments with Tony and Dominyk. Now that is always such a treat.


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