Saturday, April 03, 2010

Another Saturday Away from You

Again this Saturday it is 3:20 before I sat down at my desk. I love to spend Saturdays at my desk,, but since recovered from my health crisis I've been trying to take more time away from work and to focus on spending time with the kids.

I started by guiding Wilson and Dominyk as they cleaned their room. This is an incredibly annoying experience as Dominyk can or will not focus and I have to give him instructions five or six times before he gets it. It takes almost all the patience I have.

I then took four boys with me to get the ties, belts and pants we needed for Easter... we had a bunch of the things we needed but had a few odds and ends to tend to. We then met the rest of the family for lunch and I headed to the cheap theatre with the under 17 crowd to see "Tooth Fairy." While we were gone Kyle arrived, and Salinda should be back within the hour, having us all together in the same place again for the first time since Thanksgiving.

Tomorrow morning we have a sunrise service and Easter service, with breakfast between, but some of the kids need to be there as early as 5:30 in the morning. They have practice tonight as well as set up. So it's sort of like a marathon from now on...

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