Sunday, April 25, 2010

Collecting Bodies

Apparently we are having another body collecting session, and the bodies are getting bigger. Last night we had 11 of our kids, the adorable granddaughter, and 2 extra "adults" here for the night, taking the grand hotel census total to 16. Several odd things happened last night as well and two of our "adults" are refusing to get up for church at this point.

Note to self: If there is a change, ever so slight, of developing a very bad cough during the day, do not take a "water pill" because you are bloated. Especially if you are experiencing incontinence. And if you have a lap band that kicks in and makes you vomit when you cough. There's some very intense quick decision making to be made when all three issues happen at the same time: Sit and barf in your hands, or stand and pee your pants. Some not so great moments have happened over the past 24 hours.

The cold is a really bad one -- my second since pneumonia. The coughing sounds awful and I can't imagine that those who are going to listen to me speak in Duluth and North Dakota this week are going to enjoy it. I"m hoping it will get at least a bit better by Tuesday (that session is 90 minutes) and a LOT better by Thursday when I give the keynote and then a 3 hour seminar. SIgh.

Bart was in the ER last night having a boil on his neck lanced. He had spent the day miserable with chills and a fever and now is going to attempt to preach. The very heavy duty painkillers helped him sleep OK today -- hopefully he won't sleep through his own sermon. And I'm not even going to blog some of the disgusting things he's said about that whole situation.

This is a crazy week where we will be in and out and everywhere with trips and meetings and travel. Today is the day to get ready for all those events and I"m having a Nyquil hangover. Hopefully I can pull everything together and between coughs get myself ready for the trip....

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