Monday, April 26, 2010

Times WHen You Don't Have a Choice

THis is not the time for me to slow down. And I don't have a choice. Sure, I will rest more than usual if I can, but when you are scheduled to speak you show up. it's just one of those times when you don't have a choice.

A head cold is not enough to stop someone from speaking.... not is a cough. Although if it gets worse it will be more than that. I'm going to try to ward it off by drinking a lot of fluids and resting when I can.

AFTER I finish getting ready for my trip. ;-)

leaving at 1:30 with Leon and Kari to drive about 5 hours to Duluth. I won't bore you with the details of how it goes from there, though we are speaking at the Mental Health Conference tomorrow at 10:30.

Not a fun night around here last night. SOmetimes Bart and I both get overwhelmed with how much our kids use us, but we both know that it is because we allow it. And generally, we want to practice grace. Now if we could just get to the point that we can always act gracious about it....

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Linda up north said...

I will be praying that you feel better and God gives you strength for your speaking engagement. I REALLY wanted to go to that conference in Duluth... Heather Forbes is going to be there and I really wanted to hear her, and NOW I hear YOU are going to be there... But I have six new kiddos and just cannot get aways right now. Let me know how it goes!
Have fun with Kari!