Monday, April 05, 2010

Sadie's Testimony

Mercedes had a major part in the youth sunrise service. She modified her confirmation video (the background music is "I'll Always Stand) and then gave a testimony, which she had written earlier. The picture above is of her giving the presentation.

Sometimes we go months without hearing anything that seems very positive from our kids and a testimony like this blows us away.

Here is what she read (written completely by her)

My Journey

Over the past few weeks I have realized what have been the most important things in my life. They made me decide on so many good decisions that were hard for me. I lost people and I gained stronger bonding time with the people that mean the world to me.

In that slide show you just saw you saw me from when I was little and until now. Even though you didn’t know me when I was little, I know the people who did. My sister Salinda did and my brother john did from the time I was born until now.

I was adopted when I was four years old. I couldn’t have asked for any better parents even though they don’t look like me I still love them with all my heart. We have been through so many laughs, tears, and joys. I can’t say that I didn’t go to church before I got adopted but im pretty sure that I didn’t. I love this family for going to church every week. Even though some weeks I don’t always feel like it but still everyone feels that way sometimes.

This family I can truly say that have saved all our lives with there never ending love, Forgiving, Strong holding, Faith, Care. I see all the faith that my parents have and I think to myself I want to have the faith they have. I know that not every ones perfect but people make mistakes. That’s how we learn.

God has saved me in so many ways. So many words I could say. He saved us on the cross for all of the sins we did and we will do. God is the most forgiving person in your life. I always go to him when I don’t know how to handle things the right way. Do you think that Jesus wanted to die on the cross? I don’t think he did but I know that he did and he would do anything for all the children that he has.

My journeys not close to being over yet I am always going to need God in my life. My family has shown me that. I am always going to be standing right by Your side, God, even if its hard too do.

Now I want you guys to think. (Pause) Are you guys going to stand by God and Jesus?


GB's Mom said...

You must be bursting with pride and joy!

Maury said...

That is awesome! Now that just makes all the hard days, and frustrations worth it all, doesn't it? You should hang that up in your office, so on bad days you can go in there and read it.

Angela said...

just beautiful, has brought a tear to my eye

Psycho Mom said...

That is so "tight" as my kids would say. Congrats.