Monday, April 12, 2010

I Always Listen to My Mother

I think that one of the reasons why it has been so difficult for me to adjust to the way my kids treat me is that I was one of those kids who was devastated if i disappointed my parents. I still don't like to do something that makes them unhappy with me. My mother got after me a year or so ago about how much I was offending her by my horrible new habit of saying "oh my gosh." I was raised better than that. Gosh is just a substitute for God you know. And I felt awful and I try hard no to say those words when I talk to her any more -- you know, those bad words like heck and dang and geez.

So on Saturday night when my mother said, "I sure hope you remember to put some good things on your blog, I decided I should probably get busy and do so.

The international festival yesterday was really a lot of fun. Everyone currently living at home went except Mike and Rand and we sampled several kinds of foods and then sat for almost 3 hours watching various dances, songs, etc. We were waiting for Sadie's group to dance, and when they did it was well worth the wait.

She is an amazing dancer. She has a huge energetic smile on her face the whole time she dances and, as I told her, because she looks like she is having so much fun, the people watching her do too. Her moves are smooth and perfect when need be and energetic and full of life when it comes to that part of the dance. It was a great event.

Stay tuned for some more good things later today.


J. said...

sometimes it is good to listen to our Mama's... maybe my kids can learn that too!

GB's Mom said...

A think noticing the good is important. Mama knows best!