Thursday, April 22, 2010


In January 2006, in order to get myself more consistent with reading Scripture like I used to back in the day, I started a "Scripture as I see it" blog. If you check it out it will make you laugh to see that I still haven't been that consistent.

But I'm going to try to start doing it again, so I wrote an entry this morning about constructing a fortress. If you share my faith, you may want to check it out. Hopefully it's helpful to you - it was to me this morning.

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nancy said...

So...are you keeping track of how many of us defiant readers scurried over to your scripture blog, in hopes of redeeming ourselves??? Count me in. I'm very happy to help give you the feeling of power and control over at least some of the people in your life...your readers...because you just have that much influence on people, my friend!

And just what is "cologis", the word verification of the day? Sounds to me like digestive issues I hope I never have. I would hate to play Scrabble or Bananagrams with Google. And if you've never played Bananagrams, you should. It's more fun than Scrabble, with each person creating their own crossword in front of them. Seems like it's easier for different levels and abilities, than playing Scrabble with...say...the likes of Bart or Claudia.

Nancy south of your border