Tuesday, April 13, 2010

This is Going to Crack You Up

By far the most pathetic marketing technique you will ever hear.

But if any of you have been planning to order the book and just haven't gotten around to it.... Mike has given me cash and I ordered somethign for him on ebay, but they only accept PayPal (which is where the book income for the store comes in) and i'm a few bucks short. He needs the item ASAP (it's actually legitimate as he uses it for a side business -- not drugs ;-). But I'm a few dollars short in Paypal and it would take me a few days to transfer money.

One book order would take care of it.


(If Bart reads this he is going to cringe and roll his eyes).


Keri Harrison said...

Done. :) I've been meaning to order it anyway!

Claudia said...

Wow, I should have tried that a long time ago. Only took 14 minutes!


But people can still order if they wish. ;-)

Kari said...

You are shameless, woman.

Anonymous said...

Well, I hadn't read your comment, so I ordered one anyway. You are a hoot.

GrowingUpLost said...

Great marketing!

Susan said...

I've been wanting to order it for a while. Thanks for the push!