Thursday, April 08, 2010

Every Day is a New Day

I'm sorry for dumping my anger and resentment all over y'all (as Cindy would say) yesterday. Some days are like that.

To clarify what I meant by shallow excuses -- I was mostly talking about people who walk completely away from commitment, not those who distance themselves emotionally to allow them to continue to parent a difficult kid. I'm talking about marriages that end because "she's not meeting my needs" or "he doesn't spend enough time with me" or other such excuses I've heard. Obviously this stemmed from a conversation I had with someone and it just got me to thinking about how difficult my life is sometimes and how I never choose to walk away.

The son who refused to do chores yesterday came home from work and actually was asking around to see who had done "his" dishes because he was planning to do them. it was 22 hours after they were used. He then came and without comment did his chore, which took all of 2 minutes. At that point my anger dissipated. All it takes is a very small amount of effort to appease me.

I have several not so nice medical procedures today that I do not look forward to. But at least I'm over yesterday's foul mood. Sometimes I just can't make myself conquer those feelings of anger and resentment.... at least it hasn't taken me more than a day to get back on track.

And now, off for unpleasant medical procedures. Can anyone say pap? mam?


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Lucky you! I'm good until December!