Monday, April 05, 2010

Not much time for deep reflection...

Almost time to get the kids up and then we're off and running. Yesterday was one of the best Easter's we've had here, despite the ins and outs and stressors of making sure everyone could meet their own complicated agenda.

I have concluded that the relationships that some of my children are in are quite stressful for them and while they don't seem to want out of them, it puts them in awkward positions. They would like to please us, but find that it is a priority for them to please their significant other over us. Since sometimes the demands of the significant others seem excessive or unreasonable, it's hard for me not to feel a bit shoved to the side int he midst of it all. We must become the cooperative ones, because the other side is not. That also means that we sometimes get taken advantage of or that it appears we do. But figuring this out yesterday provided me with a bit of insight -- maybe my kids don't always want to do what is expected of them but feel they must....

I'm doing a lot of tongue biting in regards to situations that just aren't going to change. Mike's ability to think through what he is saying and when is crazy. After missing Easter service yesterday and then making it to the table, the first words of his mouth were "well, I made it more than three days. you told my girlfriend I'd only make it three days." I responded the truth -- I said that I told her that we would be driving you crazy within three days and dropped it. But just the fact that he started our Easter dinner that way blows me away. It's those comments that come out of nowhere and are so inappropriately placed in time and setting that scream FASD and make me cringe.

Hopefully later this morning I'll be able to add a few funny things that were said this weekend... if my aging mind can remember them!

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