Thursday, April 01, 2010

Stop Being Mean to Me

Parenting isn't fun sometimes. I mean seriously. They have something they are supposed to do. And they don't do it. So I tell them they are supposed to do it... in fact, I tell them they are hours late getting it done, and I'm being mean to them.

Or, I go out of my way to make sure I"m back because someone needs a vehicle, but they don't bother to let me know that they have another ride.

Or, I agree to pick someone up and the only directions they can give me is I'm "down by the thingy". Can you be more specific?

Or a note from the school that says that one of my sons "doesn't seem to GET IT!" (written it exactly that way). And he isn't going to get it. FASD does that to brains.

Or, the scene above from the bathroom (a view from the toilet). Reading, whittling and pooping seems to be a great combination for one of our sons who consistently is able to find a pocket knife no matter how many times we confiscate one.

Or, the instructions the chore and dishes charts and the expectations for adults are posted in the kitchen that seem to be completely ignored, but it is possible that just those 2 minutes that it takes to walk into the house might be too long to try to remember.

Or the information that there is church tonight which will be ignored by some of the adults here because they are required to go only on Sundays. So going when you have nothing else to do just because it's a good thing to do and it would please your parents isn't really an option.

Or, loaning money (which I know I should never do) to a friend of a child who concludes they aren't going to pay it back because they don't like me. All the sudden. They sure liked me when I was loaning them the money.

Or, a kid who is told at least once every single morning that he HAS to brush his teeth has FIVE cavities because he just won't brush?

Or, the statement "why are you always working" while they are always not working but happy to spend the money I make?

ok, ok, so i'm crabby. And you're thinking "yeah, this is normal parenting." Maybe. But still. I want to complain.

Stop being mean to me!


GB's Mom said...

I will leave it to your kids to be mean to you.

FosterAbba said...

I really hate, "Why are you always working? You never pay attention to me!"

I get that all the time, but of course my kid never forgets to put her hand out when she wants some allowance.

And of course it doesn't matter that she didn't do her chores, either. In her mind, she deserves allowance regardless of whether or not she's completed chores or exhibited reasonable behavior.