Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Now THIS is Funny

(picture is outside our window this morning in Duluth)

This morning I wrote down that I hated details. I wrote a post last night.... forgot to hit publish.

Wrote another post this morning about how much I hate details and forgot one little detail. To hit publish. Now THAT is funny. Even to me.

I also forgot the only thing I couldn't travel with when I left the MACMH conference today. So we had to waste 45 minutes going back for it.

But I just had a delicious meal with Leon and now we're "chillin" at the hotel -- me blogging and dealing with two days of email, and him staying on a channel just long enough for me to catch minimal interest in the program and then switching it.

I'm feeling a bit better thanks to the drugs that, If i never remembered to tell you, were prescribed at my request. Tomorrow I get to spend time with my "crew" up in their "crib" in Fergus Falls at our main office of Permanent Family Resource Center.. We'll have fun.

Thanks to Ashley in Toledo for letting me know that my blog didn't get updated. Hi Ash! She'll like it because she's like that... she likes attention.

And of course, 30 minutes after I wrote this, I realized that I didn't hit post on this easier.


Kari said...

I miss you already. Thanks for letting me be the Pip to your Gladys today.

Ashrenee said...

OMG!~ I got a shout out!

I do love attention, it is because I was the last child in the family, not because I am vain ;)

Hope you are feeling better!

Linda up north said...

Hey! You stayed in Canal Park :) That is just the best place to stay in Duluth. Did you see and ships come in/go out? Say Hi to Maija for me today... we are so thankful for her, she is great!