Tuesday, October 07, 2008

1 Vehicle and 1 Shower

I was very impressed with how well my children cooperated this morning. Last night Mike, of Mike and Kari, came over to start fixing our bathroom, which needs to be redone. That meant that we had one shower instead of two for our morning routine.

We also have neighbors who bring two kids to school for us, but they had to leave early this morning, so I had to give 7 kids a ride in the same minivan.

But you nkow what? They were all very cooperative. We got the 7 showers done in about 75 minutes and we all got along on the way to school.

I'm feeling quite motivated this morning, so I'm hoping to accomplish much. And don't fear. I have a list of blog topics for when things slow down so possibly you'll be able to read something worth reading at some point along the way.

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