Thursday, October 16, 2008

Calling it a Night ....

Bart has far surpassed me as a blogger today. His life is way more interesting than mine lately.

Salinda's boyfrend and her mom came to pick her up for the weekend. They just moved to a new house and she has been a big help getting stuff unpacked. Apparently he's paid for gas so she can go there and everyone is happy. They're nice people and it is really hilarious that she took so long to let us meet. She could have made things so much easier on herself.

Tomorrow it's my plan to take some kids over to meet John for lunch. It's a long drive, but he's doing so well and needs the encouragement.

It appears that Kyle and his girlfriend may be coming for the weekend....

I've almost got my presentations completed for my trip -- just some fine tuning.

And now, time for another good night's sleep I hope.

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