Monday, October 06, 2008


Yesterday was a good day. Church was especially nice, with everyone's behavior almost perfect. The bonfire was postponed because of weather, so we were all very lazy. The girls sat in my bedroom and watched Lifetime Television while I played silly computer games and only did a little email..

Last night Bart and I had supper with another couple while most of the kids were at youth group.

I got a pretty good night's sleep.

All is well here, making blogging quite boring. No drama. No excitement. Maybe I'll blog a rant or two I've been thinking about today since I don't have drama to report.

And I think I'm going to go to the store on my way back from taking the kids.... I've been sending Rand to save myself time, but he very often gets the wrong thing. And with his FASD, he doesn't learn from last week's mistakes. He just makes the same one again. Frustrating.

Sadie and Wilson have ortho appointments today but Bart is suggesting he might go.... oh crap, I gotta write their excuses.

Better go..

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