Thursday, October 09, 2008

Tired of My Office, Tired of My Bedroom

I have been working hard on a new Matching Methods presentation for workers that I am very excited about. I am developing tools that I think will really help workers in this process and it is energizing for me. However, I've been cranking for most of the day and am getting weary.

Something quite odd happened to me today. I realized I was looking forward to seeing Salinda after school. I literally have had inner dread and stress about contact with her for the last two years so this feeling was odd.

She has been doing so well... her grades are good, it looks like she may be off probation soon, and she's been very cooperative at home. Even when she needs to be confronted she doesn't completely freak out.

When I got home today I mentioned to Salinda that I had actually been looking forward to seeing her this afternoon. She looked at me weird.

I spent several hours at the coffee shop and then decided when I got home that I was tired of my office and my bedroom chair where I've been working a lot lately. So I decided to work in the living room. We have two areas in our living room -- one big couch that faces the TV, and one sitting area that faces the fire place. I am facing the fireplace. The girls were watching TV. A few minutes ago Salinda sad down next to me and rested her head on my shoulder. May not sound like much to some people, but with her that's huge.

And I'm grateful.

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Psycho Mom said...

The head on the shoulder is super huge, how awesome!!! I am glad that you are on a good stretch with Salina, you both deserve it!!