Sunday, October 05, 2008

The Day Ahead

It's Sunday morning. I'm up, but not showered yet, which is really unusual. I almost always get right in the shower. But I needed to play a couple rounds of Bowling in Facebook.... ok, maybe NEED is not exactly the word, but hey, it's not the worst way to live out my mild case of OCD.

Realizing that I had not been home on a Friday night or Saturday since September 6, I realized that meant we hadn't had Mike and Kari and their kids here for dinner for over a month. So even though the house isn't clean, we're having them here for lunch. Ordering pizza, too. BUT we'll be together.

Then later today the youth group is having a bonfire.... i'll stay home with the only two who are currently not in the youth group. And maybe I'll beat my high score in bowling buddies....

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