Thursday, October 16, 2008

Dinner Out

Last night those who wanted to went out to dinner with Bart and I. IN these pictures, you may think you are seeing John, but NO, it's Ivan -- Tony, Ricardo and Leon's friend who now practically lives here. He's a neat kid and has spent the last two weekends here and is again this weekend, including the break. He lives in town, but he likes it here.... AND I figure it he is here, he isn't anywhere else, which sounds like a really stupid statement, but certainly is significant.

In fact, when he is here, then my 3 eighth grade boys are here.... and that means they aren't anywhere else either. ANd they seem to enjoy each other and have fun.

Having Ivan here really makes me miss John. He looks so much like him and even has some of the same mannerisms. He's always helpful and polite, like John, and often asks me if there are things he can do to help me. He's earning big points with me.

And supper was quite nice, actually.... except for the occasional Dominyk outburst, which I will blog about in a moment.

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