Sunday, October 26, 2008

Yes, a Pretty Good Day

Church was great this morning. Salinda, very tired and not feeling so well after her long, troublesome night, sat closer to me than she has in years. Let me put my arm around her a couple times.

Dominyk, for the first time in ages without Aderall (because I forgot to give it to him) was able to hold it together pretty well with the promise of a pop with lunch.

I was thoroughly enjoying listening to the 4 8th grade boys behind me (our three plus Ivan, the friend who spends weekends here) singing. It was especially cool to hear Ivan singing the songs he is recently learning during our services as I'm not sure he has any church background at all.

And Wilson was the only one to receive his 3rd grade Bible in the 2nd service. He selected his own outfit today, complete with a clip on tie. So naturally, when he was presented with his Bible and people began to clap, he had to bow. It was adorable.

After church I took the girls and Wilson to the mall and it was free of drama -- probably a first. Salinda picked out a sweater/dress for confirmation. It may actually be somewhat modest if she wears it with leggings as she is promising to.

The rest of the day was uneventful.... Bart needs to blog about Mike... or I'm going to have to.

And, in case you've been paying attention to Kari's blog, there is no way she's going to have the guts to post the video of me singing a silly song when her husband has promised to help me get her back if she does.

Such a chicken.... And yes, Kari, that movie appears ANYWHERE and you're going DOOOOOOOWN...

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