Sunday, October 19, 2008

A Great Day

The last 26 hours have been great. Kyle and his girlfriend were here and we had a wonderful time with them. Everyone was basically well behaved -- we had lunch and then Bart took kids to buy a bunch of pumpkins. Leon, Wilson, and Leon's friend Ivan (who looks like John) had never carved pumpkins before. Kyle and Christy helped out with carving and taking pictures, and, as you can see, other things.

Then this morning we were all in church and, very untypically, all sat together in the same pew except Rand and, of course, Bart who was preaching. Everyone was perfectly well behaved and it felt so good to be together....

Lunch afterwards was uneventful as well.

Now I'm getting ready for my trip.... and the house is very calm -- everyone seems to be quite content today.

It's very very nice.

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