Friday, October 10, 2008

And A Couple More Things

Very seldom do I get excited about preparing a new presentation. Last week, for example, I did a presentation on the resources available to parents who have adoption assistance. I think I did a nice job with the layout and graphics, but the subject wasn't that exciting.

This week I am preparing for a Matching Methods presentation in Texas on October 21 (sorry, it's not an open event as certain training dollars are paying for it. It involves me taking what I have learned doing matching over the past five years and applying it to the caseworker side of things. I've developed a few new forms to help in the process and I think the stuff is good. My powerpoint is attractive, informative and fun and I'm learning more and more about Apples IWork programs as I'm using them exclusively. I'm loving them more all the time.

So I'm motivated and inspired.

Finally, I am going to have lunch with my two first friends of adopted special needs kids. We all started our homestudy process the same summer (summer of 97) and we met online at that time. Between the three of us we had adopted 20 kids in 20 months.... and now I think our total is 31 or 32 between the two families. It's been such an incredible ride -- between the three of us there isn't anything we haven't been through i bet.

So that's my day -- we're meeting an hour from here and, to Salinda's delight, in the same town as her boyfriend's family, so she will get another free ride there.... She's been doing so well I offered to let her miss a few classes, which I hardly ever do. But she very responsibly made sure she had no tests or major things happening during those classes.

Our kids grades (the ones I've seen any way) are better than they've been in a long time.....

Time to wake 'em up!

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