Saturday, October 11, 2008


Anybody want to give me permission to download pictures from your blog and use them for a presentation I'm doing?

I love to include pictures on almost every slide of my powerpoint because it keeps it interesting and graphically appealing as well. Usually I just google and steal things (not copyrighted things, of course) but I was thinking that pictures of actual adopted families doing stuff would be appropriate and they are going to get sick of looking at my kids if they are the only options.

I'm doing four presentations in Texas:

1) 20 Reasons Why Large Families Are an Excellent Resource for Most Waiting Children

2) Erickson's Developmental Stages for Adopted Children

3) The Myths of Matching

4) The Methods of Matching

It's amazing the way that I can incorporate good pictures into my presentations and I'd love to use some of yours.

Whadda ya think?


process said...

What are the myths of matching?

What are the methods?

Torina said...

You can use any of the pictures that I have on my blog. Tara is such a ham (so are the boys but I don't put their faces on the blog). If you want more, let me know and I can email a bunch of funny or super cute ones of her and the boys.

Greg and Brandi said...

Claudia, where in Texas are you going to be?

Donna said...

You can use of mine if you wish ......

Susan said...

I don't post my kids faces on the blog since we are a foster family but I will be glad to email you photos if you want them. If you saw a shot you want on the blog you can have it, I just know that there aren't very good ones. Except of course the most recent family photo. I love that one!

Mom to many said...

Feel free to use any pics you would like. I m trying to keep up with my blog, if you get a chance let me know what you think.

Angela :-) said...


Please feel free to take any from my blog.

Angela :-)

Boo said...

I don't have many . .but feel free to take some.