Thursday, October 23, 2008

Heading Home

Yesterday was a great day. Yesterday morning, as an introduction to the day, i shared the story of how we got our kids. The audience was amazingly receptive and everything clicked. It was like an hour of stand-up comedy combined with passionate point-making about raising tough kids. There was a definite connection with the audience and I loved doing the presentations. The other part of it is that I really am feeling good about all of our kids right now, and so talking about them is a little easier.

The afternoon was a little dry, and my slides had some Typos (I really need to slow down with some of this stuff and pay just a TAD bit of attention to detail), but it was a great day.

Last night we had dinner with Brenda and her daughter, Gretchen. We spent some time discussing an arranged marriage between Gretchen and Wilson, since they are the same age.

I showed Gretchen this picture of Wilson in a dress. I said, "Won't this be a great story to tell your grand childeren some day?" I made my voice sound crackly and old and said, "Come here, honey, and let me tell you something. The first time I ever saw a picture of your grandpa, he was wearing a dress."

So then I took a picture of her to show to Wilson, and as they dropped us off, I said, "We'll begin planning that wedding now." She's such a sweet kid that she just giggled.

Heading to the airport in 15 minutes.... Will be home soon after the kids get there today. I'm looking forward to seeing them.

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