Friday, October 10, 2008

Passing the Test

I confronted Salinda during our hour long ride. She responded honestly and appropriately. We laughed at some of her self-owned stupidity, and she was not surprised nor argumentative about her consequences. We had a great conversation and I happily dropped her off to head for lunch with friends.

This is us, the Three Musketeers, naive but brave 11 years ago. Here we are now, older, wiser, better people and TIRED. We have 32 adopted children between the three families, our marriages have all survived, and we are still deeply committed to even our most troubled children.

And we can still laugh and have fun together.

I asked them, "what if we had known now, what we did then .... what if someone would have been at our first lunch meeting when we were in the homestudy and pointed at each of us saying -- you'll have a child in jails, you'll parent a sexual perpetrator, you'll have grandchildren before you're ready to, you'll have kids in residential, you'll have CHIPs petitions filed against you, you'll have your possessions stolen.... etc. etc. etc." Would we have done it again?"

All of us said we would for sure......... Even knowing it all.

We had fun trying to take this picture..... and even suggested we should go for the look all our daughter's go for -- try to make our tongues meet and show multiple straps -- but we decided to be old and normal.

I bet you're glad.


momma-o-minnie said...

Woah.... You look good, Claudia!

2busyannie said...

Thank You for your discretion!

Ha ha. You do look great. Are you going to update your blog bio photo with a new pic?