Saturday, October 04, 2008

Home Again, Home Again

I didn't blog it before we left, but for the first time ever, we left six kids home alone ... ages 13-20. Only one night, and with backup across the street. But we came home to absolutely no issues (at least that we know about). Very grateful for that.

The conference was a good one. Lots of neat people there, very communicative audiences.... and people who are obviously "in the trenches" of parenting tough kids. It is always encouraging to be with folks like that.

I hope that the things I was able to share will be helpful to folks....

The ride home was endless chatter from Dominyk once again. He just doesn't stop. But the hightlight of the trip home was when we were listening to oldies and Bart belted out, "Everyone knows it's Misty."

I guess the song should go, "everyone (but Bart) knows it's Windy."

I'm still laughing. He's not.

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