Saturday, October 04, 2008

Weekend "getaway"

Salinda, Dominyk, WIlson, Bart and I left at 2 yesterday (or tried too -- it was actually more like 2:20) and met Salinda's boyfriend's mom on the way so that she could spend some time with their family this weekend. We then drove in the opposite direction to meet Kyle and his girlfriend for dinner.

The ride was interesting, to say the least. All three kids slept until we dropped Salinda off, and then Dominyk started talking. And he talked, non-stop, for the next 7 hours. I kid you not. He was either talking to someone or making noise in the background the whole time.

He obsessed about driving over the new bridge, he initiated a discussion about poop and where it goes on airplaines, he made a running commentary on everything he saw. We were pretty sure that "Kari's Virgin World" was probably "Kari's Vision World" but we're not sure. And on and on it went, over and over again...ALL night long.

I brought my camera with but didn't remember to take pictures at the restaurant. WE went to a nice Italian place and other than the fact that Dominyk was digging up treasures from a space he found between the seat and the wall (dirty forks, dirty napkins, a glasses case) and that he obsessed on eating so much bread that by the time his food came, he couldn't eat it.... We had a nice time.

We then drove another hour to the hotel, where the boys went swimming. I did take pictures but forgot to bring the connectors from the cameras to the computer. Sigh.

Had a very good nights sleep and now we're getting ready for breakfast before we head to the conference. We'll spend the day with other adoptive parents and then head back home, picking up Salinda on the way.

And that's our idea of a weekend getaway. Sigh.

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