Thursday, October 30, 2008

Why I shouldn't blog at 9:00 p.m.

I'm so crabby right now. Kyle, who can't find time in his schedule to make it down here, just texted to ask if he could have Mike's snowboard boots. Mike, who if he is lucky has three things that he owns that he knows where is, Mike, a week out of jail, Mike, homeless and couch surfing. And Kyle, a third grade teacher, making more money that I do in his first year of teaching, wants Mike's stuff.

Why? Because he needs some. That's the answer he gave. Mike has repeatedly wanted Kyle to visit him over the last year when he's been in jail. Mike idolizes Kyle. And yet Kyle has never felt Mike deserved a visit. But now, he needs snowboard boots and so he wants us to give him the boots. I'm just shaking my head in complete irritation.

I just texted him to talk to Mike and that I was irritated with his even asking but felt that it would be too hard to explain in a way that he would understand why I was irritated. Of course, he didn't text me back.

To me it is as ironic as a person in New York CIty who works on Wall Street walking by a blind beggar and taking his blanket.

And this coming from a kid who can't make it home (90 miles) for his brother and sister's confirmation.

I suppose I should give him a break. Not his fault nobody attached to him when he was a baby. But STILL you'd think, that after almost 11 of years of pretty decent training and parental involvement he'd at least have figured this much out.


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