Sunday, August 07, 2005

Always Wake Up Happy Until . . .

I have one of those secretly annoying optimistic personality traits where I wake up happy. I usually believe upon awakening that it is going to be a good day 90% of the time. I'm excited about life and ready to go.

Until someone pisses me off, which, if I'm home, sometimes happens BEFORE I even wake up, and often within seconds. Kids are complaining and fighting or something else goes wrong and my mood plunges.

However, when I am on vacation and there is no one, except Bart, who rarely bothers me anyway, to piss me off, I can be relatively happy for a good portion of the day.

Today he brought me breakfast in bed, which sounds more glamorous than it is ... He actually had the air on 32 degrees all night and so I was too cold to get up and he almost prefers to have breakfast with a newspaper down at the little free breakfast room thingy at the hotel, so he brought me up a bagel and a banana and I ate it under the covers, but still, kind of like breakfast in bed, don'tcha think? Haven't done that in years.

And now we're off to worship at the church that our current MN bishop used to pastor.

More on that later.

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