Sunday, August 07, 2005

Fun Day Exploring Ohio

I am getting ready to help write a grant proposal about finding families who are willing to build relationships with teens over age 10 in the foster care system by training church members about the children and how to support adoptive families. Kind of complicated, but lots of cool components.

Reason I wrote that is so that you would understand why my husband and I might spend 5 hours driving around various Ohio Cities today trying to get a feel for the state. We saw a great deal of Cleveland, and also saw Akron, Canton, and several cities in between. There are so many more churches in Ohio than MN, but that's good, because there are 10 times as many kids in foster care in Ohio than in MN.

Excited about the possibilities of the proposal, which includes making connections with kids in residential treatment.

Also had two excellent meals today at Bahama Breeze and Carrabbas. Very good food at both places.

Enjoyed lots of great conversation with my fun, witty, and intelligent husband all day today.

Church was good too.

Great day. Ready for a good night's sleep.

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