Thursday, August 25, 2005


There are days when Cloning seems like a good option.

There are just so many days when I'd like to be multiplied.

For example, today I have been absolutely swamped. Desk looks better, but still not great. A placement report, a post-placement report, a post-placement visit, birth-parent translating, several phone calls, Instant Messages (as many as 8 or 9 open at once) emails coming in every minute, parenting 7 children, supervising 2 PCAs, being a supportive wife when I can be, doing laundry every 1.25 hours on the dot (even programmed my calendar to send me an alarm), Child Information Forms, scheduling meetings, etc. And I'm on it.

BUT, if I could clone myself here is what my other selves could be doing:

1) Having fun with my kids during their last free week of summer;
2) Cleaning the house -- parts of it are driving me crazy;
3) Scrapbooking -- haven't been able to do it for MONTHS;
4) Cleaning off my hard drive. I need to back up and delete and organize my 80 gig of info;
5) Making cool movies and slideshows and messing with Photoshop;
6) Spend time with adults in person doing adultish things like drinking coffee or being in a bowling league;



the 7th me could be exercising hours a day and eating right so that I could at the end of the cloning experiment, when I would rejoin myselves, I could choose the body that had lost weight.

Doesn't that sound awesome!

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