Monday, August 29, 2005

Interesting Conversation

Tonight we had yet another interesting conversation in the van. I had to take the kids to the park and then go have yet another "conversation" with the 16 year old Spanish speaker who decided to place her baby for adoption and then changed her mind. She is wavering again.

Dominyk said, "why doesn't she make the decision already. It's not even a hard decision."

I asked, "Why?"

Because she should just let him get adopted.

I asked all the kids why.

"Because she is young."

"because she isn't married."

"Because the baby wouldn't have a dad."

"because she doesn't have any money"

Now the kids in my van at this point were my four youngest boys -- not always bright and with some significant issues. These are kids who have said to me when angry, "I wish I was living with my Birthmom."

I found their comments tonight very interesting to say the least...

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