Tuesday, August 16, 2005

News Flash: It's Not About You

This is Dominyk's new saying. I think he heard me telling his eldest brother, who is serving as his PCA this summer, that he needed to be careful to remember that his job was not about him, but about the kids he was serving.

So, Dominyk put together his thoughts and every time his brother tries to do an errand or take care of some personal issue "on the clock" Dominyk states, "NEWS FLASH: It's NOT ABOUT YOU!

Don't we need to hear that about 20 times a day? It's like God is saying that to me often. When I start to feel like I can't do it any more, when I'm tired, when I get discouraged, when I don't see progress, when I'm moody or depressed (notice all the I's in that sentence) God reaches down and gently nudges me: NEWS FLASH: IT'S NOT ABOUT YOU!

What a great world we would live in if we could, as individuals, put ourselves aside and focus on others and the needs of our world.

Because really, it's about God and people and bringing the two together in whatever ways we can.

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